10 Tips to Last Longer In Bed

There’s one thing that will always keep a woman coming back for more; a guy’s ability to last longer between the sheets and prolong their pleasure. Unfortunately, at least for a lot of guys, this is something that’s much harder than it really should be.

happy couple in bed

Studies have suggested that the average duration for intercourse is around seven minutes, although nearly half of guys have finished after just two minutes. Ultimately, when things get heated, it just seems impossible to stop the inevitable and this is where your other half’s pleasure concludes.

The good thing is that this isn’t a lost cause. With so many guys ejaculating prematurely, there are plenty of tips out there which can allow you to get even more out of each session. The fact that you will be relieving so much pressure from your own shoulders will help you no-end when it comes to pushing her buttons where it really matters.

So, ready to last longer in bed? Here are ten of the best ways to achieve this. Your other half can thank us later.


Ask her to get on top

girl on top makes you last longer

It probably won’t come as a surprise to read that the sexual position you engage in will have direct impact on the amount of time you last.

The fact is that some positions place more stimulation on your penis than others. One of the easiest ways to reduce this stimulation is to ask her to get on top; it reduces the friction somewhat – which leads to those longer lasting sessions.


Slow and steady wins the race

slow and steady

While position can influence those finishing times, another important factor is speed. If you like to go hell for leather, there’s every chance that you’re going to be finishing in seconds, not minutes.

Staying slow and steady meanwhile is going to prompt much longer results. In fact, some guys will just keep their penis inside their partner without even moving for a few minutes – just so they can acclimatize to her.


On the subject of speed…


Another speed related pointer (you should be starting to realize the correlation this has with delayed finishing times), is to opt for the start-stop method. This does exactly what it says on the tin; you should be looking to stop completely as soon as you feel as though the big-O is coming. Then, when you’ve recovered, start again and keep the clock ticking.

Some women will like you to warn them in advance of this; the last thing you want to do is stop when she’s about to climax as well.


Foreplay should never be underestimated


A lot of guys are happy to leap straight into intercourse and perhaps neglect the foreplay. This can be disastrous from a finishing time perspective, as foreplay is something that can help your other half get to her orgasm even quicker.

Ultimately, it’s all about stress. If she has experienced her orgasm already, you aren’t under pressure to “keep going” and attempt to get her to that point. Of course, if you can keep going she might climax multiple times, but it’s usually the first occasion that most people are bothered about so if you can get this out of the way – you’ll be well on your way!

Experiment with different types of foreplay, whether it’s oral, with your fingers or even with a toy. Get her excited in other ways before the real work starts.


Your mind is your biggest enemy

control the sex pace with your mind

A lot of people are quick to blame the mind for any failings, but when it comes to finishing “too early” they certainly have a point.

The problem is, the part of your brain that will cause your orgasm is the same part which is deliberating on whether or not you’re about to have one. It makes things very tricky but ultimately, the more you think about the big-O – the more likely it is you’ll finish early.


Avoid alcohol before the big night

avoid alcohol to perform better sexually

Alcohol is something else which can be blamed for a lot of things, but again the science isn’t going to lie. This is a substance which can wreak havoc with your senses and ultimately make you out of control.

Therefore, the possibility that you might actually be in control of your finishing time is surely not possible whilst intoxicated, right?


Squeeze your way to better times

squeezing to last longer in bed

While this certainly isn’t a sure-fire way to perfect your finishing times, it can work a charm for some men and get them to surpass that elusive seven minutes.

When you feel your orgasm coming, gently squeeze just below the head of the penis to delay it somewhat. The idea is that some blood will be pushed back from the penis, allowing you a little more time.


Believe it or not, breathing techniques work as well

breathing to last longer in bed

Nowadays, breathing techniques are associated with all sorts of life improvements. Suffice to say, they also work when it comes to sex.

The idea is that if you take slow and deep breaths, you should be able to minimize your anxiety levels to an extent where it delays your orgasm. To be more exact, try to breathe from your belly, so this part of your body rises before your chest does. Practice will help with this – don’t expect to get it right first time between the sheets.


Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

We’ve just spoken about practice with breathing techniques, but there’s an even better form of practice that can help you out in your hour of need.

If you can learn to “edge”, you’ll be well on the way to controlling your orgasm. Edging occurs when you are almost at the big-O, only to pull out just before it occurs. You’ll find it’s a huge mental challenge, but if you can practice this whilst masturbating it will do wonders for the “real thing”.


If all else fails, there are supplements which are available

Some guys can try all the tricks they like but it’s not going to make a different; nerves will get the better of them and they’ll finish even sooner than they did before.

If you fall into this category, it might be advisable to try an external aid. No, we’re not talking about a trip to the doctors just yet – that should be a last resort.

Instead, there are natural solutions that can deal with this problem. As you may expect, there are countless products that fall into this category but we’ve taken a look at a couple of the market leaders to highlight just what’sout there.

The first is a product called Prosolution Plus. This is perhaps one of the most convincing supplements of its ilk out there, with clinical studies showing that it makes an average of a 64% improvement in premature ejaculation cases.

prosolution plus


At the same time, the study found that erection quality was better and there was also a 78% improvement in sexual satisfaction. If you want to go for an oral supplement backed by science, this is probably the best choice.


The second product is another oral supplement and again, another which has some terrific backing. The main benefit associated with Sinrex is its ability to provide stronger erections; with many users claiming that this has the knock-on effect of them having better control when it matters.


Both products are made naturally, which means that they are prescription-free and void of side effects, yet are able to mimic the effects of “real drugs” through their formulas.

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