Boost Your Brain With The Best Nootropics and Cognitive Enhancers

Nowadays, more and more of us are taking an interest in developing our brain. Once upon a time it was only physical improvements that we were bothered about, but now we’re all trying to invest in mental stimulation in an effort to get much more out of every day.

Best Nootropics and Cognitive Enhancers

This is where nootropics and cognitive enhancers enter the picture. In simple terms, these aim to boost your mental ability and allow you to achieve anything from enhanced memory to a boost in concentration levels. Let’s take a look at these supplements in detail.


What are nootropics and cognitive enhancers?

what are nootropics

As we have just addressed, cognitive enhancers and nootropics are forms of medication that can boost your mental ability.

Rather than boosting your physical appearance (which a lot of supplements aim to do), they are instead designed to make you feel and think better and boost anything from your motivation to general intelligence levels, amongst other things.


How do they work?

HOW DO nootropics WORK

Perhaps one of the common misconceptions in relation to nootropics and cognitive enhancers is the fact that they are not some sort of “quick fix” for the brain. In other words, you aren’t suddenly going to boast Albert Einstein-esque IQ levels just by taking them.

Instead, they are designed for those of you who are happy to take a long-term approach. They will help your brain produce more neurotransmitters.

Extensive scientific research has proven over the years that if we have more of these in our brain, we will benefit from a whole host of factors including better moods and memory.

While a long-term approach is advisable, something else which is worth noting is that the effects are not generally temporary.

This means that even if you stop taking the supplements, you aren’t suddenly going to lose your new memory capacity or start reverting back to your old moods. The effects can be long-lasting, if not permanent.


Why would you use them?

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Nootropics and cognitive enhancers are in a minority when it comes to supplements, as absolutely anyone can benefit from them.

You could be an elite athlete, looking to boost your concentration levels when it comes to game time, or you could be an academic who needs to improve your memory and concentration levels in a bid to get through those final exams.

As you can see, the two groups are completely different. The fact that absolutely every discipline can take advantage of enhanced mental performance means that they are ideal for a wide audience.


Are there any side effects with nootropics and cognitive enhancers?

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This is something of a grey area. On one hand, if you opt for a synthetic nootropic treatment, it goes without saying that your body might be subject to side effects. It’s also difficult to pinpoint exact side effects as there are so many treatment options out there.

One product might result in something like high blood pressure, while another might have something that prompts a different reaction from your body.

However, developments in the industry mean that you shouldn’t be too concerned about the issue of side effects. Natural nootropics and cognitive enhancers have hit the scene over recent years, with these being formed of completely natural ingredients.

Ultimately, the days of side effects are a thing of the past and you can reap all of the benefits without worrying about your body.


What natural nootropics are available?

the smart pill

As more and more people start to understand that nootropics don’t necessarily have to be linked to umpteen side effects, it will come as no surprise to read that a lot of manufacturers have started developing natural solutions.

At the present time it would be fair to say that two products stand out in particular, with this being Adrafinil and Alpha Brain. To highlight what’s available in the market, we’ll now run over a breakdown of both products.


The breakdown on Adrafinil

adrafinil power

  • Adrafinil is one of the most renowned nootropics out there. It will improve your focus no-end, boost your concentration, lower your stress levels and even give you a boost in energy. All of this means that you can live each day to your absolute maximum.
  • It might contain umpteen benefits, but consuming Adrafinil certainly isn’t a chore. It’s a capsule-based treatment, meaning that you just take one per day and watch your mental state transform.
  • Some of the most renowned scientists and universities have endorsed Adrafinil. This is absolutely crucial; after all, these types of individuals and establishments don’t risk their reputation with anything unless they completely believe in it.
  • As we’ve already highlighted, Adrafinil is comprised of completely natural ingredients. This means that your body isn’t at risk in the slightest – it’s a completely safe product to use.
  • Adrafinil currently retails for $54.99 per unit, although savings are available if you buy in bulk. For example, if you buy five bottles at a time, the price per unit immediately falls to $45.99.
  • The manufacturers have ensured that your pocket is protected if you decide to buy the product. They have attached a generous 30-day money-back guarantee to it, meaning that you can obtain a full refund if you are one of the minority who is dissatisfied with the results.
  • We should conclude with an additional note on the manufacturers; these guys are big. They’ve been responsible for the sale of over 20,000 bottles of Adrafinil and this is for one reason and one reason only; Absorb Health know what they are doing.

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The breakdown on Alpha Brain

alpha brain review

  • Just like the previous product we looked at, Alpha Brain will boost your mental state in ways that you’ve never experienced before. You’ll be able to focus more easily, have better reaction times, improved memory and just generally deal with day-to-day thoughts at record speeds.
  • Alpha Brain also relies on a completely natural mix of ingredients. Extensive research has been invested into the likes of cat’s claw, huperzia serrata and oat straw – with the conclusions showing that you’ll not only boost your brain’s power tremendously, but you also won’t suffer any side effects whatsoever.
  • As well as the science, Alpha Brain is used by the best out there. Think TV host Joe Rogan or MMA 105LB Champion Michelle Waterson – these are just two of umpteen high-profile names that take advantage of the product.
  • Alpha Brain might take advantage of some of the most potent natural ingredients out there, but forget ones like caffeine and gluten. In other words, the product targets the masses – even if you suffer with an allergy.
  • Alpha Brain actually retails at a slightly lower price than the previous product, with a 30-capsule bottle costing just $34.95. Additionally, you can buy 90-capsulse for just $79.95, which again represents a bulk-buy saving.
  • The money-back guarantee is somewhat longer with Alpha Brain, with the manufacturers permitting a hugely generous three-month return period.
  • When we talk about manufacturers, Onnit’s reputation is absolutely second to none. This is regarded as one of the most forward-thinking supplement brands out there and is recognized globally. Trust is not an issue and to add further evidence to this, you only have to scrutinize the fact that this company has sold over 15 million units of Alpha Brain over the years.

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