Best Alkalizing Super Greens Supplements – Uses & Benefits

It would be fair to say that we’re well and truly in a “supplements era” at the moment.

As anyone who has studied the health industry will testify, this is a market that appears to change regularly.
Best Alkalizing Super Greens Supplements


At the present time, the latest phenomenon is supplements and to be more specific, alkalizing super green supplements are big business.

Of course, with such a long and fancy name it can be difficult to ascertain exactly what these supplements are. Therefore, this guide is here to help. We’ll now take a look at just how these supplements benefit your body and put you on the right path to better health.


What are alkalizing super green supplements?

alkalise your life

In simple terms, these green supplements are aiming to provide your body with sufficient fruits and vegetables in a convenient pill or powder.

Therefore, their benefits are enormously powerful – although you should be aware that they are by no means a miracle cure and doctors recommend that you use these supplements alongside a balanced diet.


What are the benefits of alkalizing super green supplements?

healthy woman alkalising super greens

A lot of our diets are made up of grains, protein and dairy and if taken in moderation, these foods can be great. Unfortunately, they all happen to be extremely acidic, and this can cause something of a PH imbalance in your body.

On the flip side, green vegetables are alkaline – so the trick is to consume enough of them to improve this acid-base balance.

So, why do we need to do this? Experts believe that if you have a high-acid diet you are increasing the chances of developing disease. As well as this, anything from aches and pains, weight gains, a lack of mental focus, tiredness or even a craving for carbs and sugar can occur.

In other words, the drawbacks of a high-acid diet are significant and can impact your day-to-day life no-end.

This is where the supplements enter the picture. They are effectively green vegetables in a capsule; allowing you to consume your alkaline days’ worth of goodness in one fell swoop.

The theory is that you no longer have to frantically worry about fitting another ‘x’ amount of vegetables into your meals for the day; it’s all done for you and this should improve your body’s PH levels, and drastically reduce the chances of the conditions mooted in the previous paragraph occurring.


What are the supplements that are available?


At this point we should point out that one of the key reasons why so much hype has been generated about alkalizing super greens is because of Elle Macpherson.

She realized the problem with her PH inconsistencies and sat down with a nutritional doctor in a bid to try and solve it. Eventually, they devised a product called Super Elixir – which is a supplement aiming to tackle poor PH levels in the body.

Unsurprisingly, it has generated an absolute frenzy of media attention. Therefore, we’ll now take a look at this supplement, as well as a secondary product, to show just what products are available that satisfy alkalizing super greens.


Our Best Pick – Super Greens Powder By Evolution Slimming

SuperGreens Powder

  • Super Greens is a product which will help your body’s PH levels return to normality. It contains no fewer than 17 fruits, vegetables and antioxidants – all of which can work together to provide you with more energy, more mental focus and less of an inclination to eat the wrong types of foods.
  • These ingredients aren’t “unknown quantities”. They are all based on what we already know. Super Greens contains the likes of spinach powder, tomato powder and beetroot powder – foods that would normally be in our diet anyway. The only difference is that now we don’t have the hassle of preparing them freshly.
  • Let’s add another point about all of the ingredients – each and every one of them is natural. As such, side effects are never an issue.
  • Preparation of Super Greens is non-existent and consumption is completely simple as well. You only have to mix the powder with 200ml of water; there’s no hassle with this product.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are a vegan or vegetarian; Super Greens is suitable for practically anyone.
  • Super Greens is very similar to one of the most successful supplements of the past year; the Super Elixir by Elle Macpherson. The big difference is the price, with this product costing about $62 in comparison to the $150 that Macpherson’s supplement costs.
  • Let’s also make a point about the brand behind Super Greens; Evolution Slimming. Their history dates back to 2007 and unlike most supplement manufacturers, they also happen to have their own bricks-and-mortar store. They are well and truly one of the biggest brands in the business.

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The Super Elixir by Welleco Overview

the super elixir

  • This is the product that has been brought to the market by Elle Macpherson. In other words, it already has a head-start – Macpherson does not put her name to anything that is not going to take the market by storm.
  • To clarify, the Super Elixir is formed of specialized alkalizing greens containing no fewer than 45 essential ingredients that have been scientifically proven to boost your general health.
  • When we talk about these improvements to your health, we’re really talking about umpteen benefits. The Super Elixir will support all eleven systems of your body and help you beat tiredness, nasty cravings and improve your mental focus no-end.
  • While the product may not “look” tasty – it actually is. It is naturally sweetened to an extent that even kids just love the taste. Let’s also point out that there are no artificial flavors contained here.
  • It also happens to be an ideal product if you have any specific eating habits. It’s free from diary, gluten and preservatives, meaning that everyone from vegans to vegetarians will be completely at home whilst taking the Super Elixir.
  • This isn’t a difficult product to consume in the slightest. You just need to take 10g every day – and watch the effects start to take shape in seven days.
  • Unfortunately, it’s not all positive. While The Super Elixir has some superb credentials, it’s retail price for the starter package (including 300g of the supplement and a ceramic caddy) costs around $150.
  • Of course, for this price you are just investing in a product that just oozes trust. As well as the huge Elle Macpherson factor, let’s not forget that The Super Elixir has been released by WelleCo. They are a massive brand in the supplements industry and as well as Macpherson, they are comprised of countless health experts.

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Green SuperFood by AmazingGrass Overview

green superfood

  • The big drawback with the Super Elixir was the price. This is where Green SuperFood enters the picture, with this product costing just $21.99 for the starter pack.
  • Additionally, huge savings are available if you buy in bulk. For example, if you purchase nine packages, you’ll be rewarded with a 25% discount. Additionally, if you buy packages which contain more servings, there are also huge savings to be had.
  • But, what is Green SuperFood? In simple terms, it does exactly the same as the previous product we looked at. It crams countless alkalizing and detoxifying ingredients into a capsule, in a bid to restore your PH levels.
  • As we’ve already discovered, balanced PH levels create umpteen benefits. Think increased energy levels, the ability to stop craving sugar and carbohydrates and just fine-tune your mental focus.
  • Green SuperFood isn’t some sort of fad product; it contains ingredients that we all know are good for us. The likes of wheat grass, spinach, broccoli, barley grass and alfalfa are just some of the ingredients that are included here.
  • Consumption is just as easy as the Super Elixir as well. You merely have to mix one serving of the product with water (or a liquid of your choice), and watch the alkaline-effects boost your body.
  • While the Super Elixir might have been produced by an established brand, the same can be said about Green SuperFood. This time it’s Amazing Grass who are behind the product and having been around since 2002, it would nbe fair to say that they completely know what they are talking about.

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