Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide Review and Best Alternatives

With an audience of millions, it would be fair to say that Kayla Itsines well and truly captures the attention of any budding fitness enthusiast.

Kayla Itsines bikini body guide review

Her Instagram account is the definition of inspiration and with that, it comes as no surprise that her Bikini Body Guide is one of the most popular products of its ilk.

Bearing the above in mind, the big question on most minds is does her solution work? Not only that, are there any viable alternatives that eradicate any potential problems that the system has.

Through this guide, we’ll find out.


What is Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide?

bikini body guide review

In simple terms, Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body is a selection of guides that can help you to achieve your body’s goals.

It is split into twelve week chunks and contains all of the essential workout and nutritional advice you need to change your body. Depending on your personal aims, you can opt to purchase just the 12 week workout plan, just the eating plan or a combination of the two.

Every workout which is included in the plan is prepared in an easy to digest format – meaning that there is no head scratching when it comes to working out how to pull off a specific movement. As you would expect, you start slowly before being put through more challenging exercises as your body adapts and develops. You will be provided with a glossary and extensive diagrams to make sure that you have the correct form through all of your movements.

The 189-page guide makes sure that each workout lasts under thirty minutes – meaning that you don’t have to dedicate huge amounts of time to the plan.

The second part of Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide comes in the form of the recipes. This is a 90-page book which will tell you exactly what to eat over a 14-day period to ensure that your body is getting the right fuel. Not only that, you’ll learn how to keep your meals tasty but healthy, as well as finding out all of the foods which will help you burn fat and speed up your metabolism. Just like the workout book, everything is laid out in simple terms allowing you to digest everything without any problems.

All of the above arrives in e-book format – there’s no waiting around for any delivery.


Will Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide work for you?

does Kayla Itsines guide work

As you can see, the range of products is certainly extensive. Of course, this doesn’t mean anything – the real proof comes when you take a look at the feedback from others who have used Kayle Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide.

In truth, there is plenty of evidence that suggests that the digital product works for a lot of people. You only have to take a look at Kayla Itsines’ Instagram account and the millions of followers to see that there an incredible amount of positivity behind it, and some sterling results as well.

A lot of the time it’s a case of women just feeling more confident about their body – but there are also some results which put into perspective how the system can work for you. For example, one person lost 30kg over the course of a year – in other words, it can be life changing.


What are the cons and problems with Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide?


Let’s not kid ourselves – Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide is a fantastic product that is used by an unbelievable amount of people, and used successfully.

Unfortunately, it’s not perfect.

The main problem is that it’s hugely expensive. On first glance, there are just two elements to it – which cost $69.97 each. Already, we’re almost at the $140 mark.

However, things then take a turn for the more expensive and after completing the first twelve weeks of workouts, you’ll have to pay a further $69.97 to benefit from the next twelve.

Considering the fact that you’re also advised to purchase two benches, a mat, two dumbbells, a skipping rope, bosu ball and medicine ball – it goes without saying that you can comfortably shell out hundreds of dollars before you even get started.

So, there’s no doubt that financially there are a lot of considerations here. If you can afford it, there is plenty of evidence to suggest it works – but we’d speculate that only few people are able to pay out such large sums.

There are other criticisms as well. Some people also point out that as well as costing a small fortune, exercise equipment requires space which the modern-day household doesn’t have. Then there is the fact that a lot of the food in the recipes is expensive and the advice is extremely difficult to stick to.

In other words, while the system can work wonders, we’d suggest that it’s only truly suited to some people.


What are the alternatives to Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide?

Bearing the above in mind, it’s pretty apparent that a demand for an alternative product exists.

While few will ever breach the popularity gained by Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide, we have found one which appears to tick a lot of boxes and perhaps resolve the problems that we have just taken a look at.

This product comes in the form of Dan Roberts’ Methodology X.


What is Methodology X?

methodology x super model workout

While Methodology X doesn’t perhaps have the millions that follow Kayla Itsines’ system – it is still a substantial offering that has garnered a really good reputation over the years.

To show you exactly what it entails, here’s a breakdown of the product:

  • Just like Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide, Methodology X is presented in e-book format. You’ll receive no fewer than 130 pages – it’s extensive to say the least.
  • You’ll be provided a 28 day workout guide showing you exactly how you can keep fit and transform your body.
  • You won’t just receive pictures here – each and every exercise will be accompanied by a video. Ultimately, you’ll know exactly how to conquer each and every exercise you take on, with the right form.
  • The fact that Suki Waterhouse has put her name to this product says everything you need to know about it. It’s used by the very best in the business.
  • You’ll be given all the help you need to help you along your way. You’ll be given access to a private supportive group, the MX club, where you can receive all the help and support you need to beat your goals.
  • Methodology X has been put together by Dan Roberts. For anyone not aware, this is one of the most in-demand trainers in the world and has put together countless celebrity fitness programs. He’s a big player in this industry.


Will Methodology X work for you?

methodology x dan roberts

One of the main reasons why people choose Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide is because of the immense social backing that this system has. With millions of Instagram followers – there is more than sufficient evidence that Kayla’s system works.

While the numbers aren’t in the millions for Methodology X, don’t be under the impression that this is a new product that is yet to be tested. With almost 50,000 Facebook fans – Dan Roberts is a massive player. He has already gained a superb reputation in the training industry and bearing this in mind, it stands to reason that the chances of this product being successful are high to start with.

Then, we have the external endorsements. The likes of Women’s Health, Glamour, The Daily Telegraph and Heat have all covered this product in a fantastic light. As we all know, such publications wouldn’t put their name to anything which doesn’t work well.

Those women who have tried Methodology X have already said how it has pushed their bodies to the limit and taught them about movements which they never knew were beneficial. All of this has come from an e-book and when you consider all of these factors, it’s clear that Dan Roberts’ system is a serious challenger to the Bikini Body Guide.

Visit The Official Methodology X Website 


How much does Methodology X cost?

methodology x by dan roberts

The main reason we are impressed with the Methodology X product is the cost. As we have already shown, it competes (if not betters) a lot of the elements of Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide. As we have also already shown, the big problem with that product was the rising cost.

This is where Dan Roberts’ solution comes into play. It retails for a flat rate of £65 – and there’s no need to “top up” as you progress.

Visit The Official Methodology X Website 


A summary on Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide and Methodology X

It would be fair to say that we’ve taken a look at two really good digital fitness books through this guide. Kayla Itsines’ is the one which grabs a lot of attention, but as we’ve found out this isn’t suitable for everyone and you could argue that you need fairly deep pockets to progress on it.

Dan Roberts’ Methodology X certainly matches it and as it retails at a considerably lower price, it’s certainly an option that you should be considering if you are looking for that A-list body transformation.

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