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We’ve known the effects that testosterone has on our bodies for years. This is a hormone that can transform the “average” man and do things to his body that were otherwise unthinkable.


We’ll get into the exact benefits in a moment, but it’s worth pointing out that for a lot of years it was only possible to increase our levels of testosterone via unnatural methods.

What we’re talking about here is steroids and if you were looking to experience the benefits of this chemical, you would usually have to turn to these drugs and injections to do so.


How Can You Take Testosterone Safely And Legally?

We have witnessed huge developments in this industry over recent times.

testosterone pills

Instead of being worried about the potential side effects that are always associated with steroids and similar drugs that increase our levels of testosterone (think anything from bouts of aggression, obesity, cardiovascular disease and unpredictable hair growth), we can now solely concentrate on the advantages.

This is through their natural replacements, which rely entirely on natural ingredients that don’t pose any risk to our health whatsoever.


What Are The Benefits of Natural Testosterone Boosters?

From a bodybuilding perspective, the effects of a natural testosterone booster can be terrific. Somewhere between 96 and 98 percent of testosterone is absorbed straight into the bloodstream – but it’s the “free testosterone” that can make the big differences.

The above figures mean that the average man has 2% of testosterone ready to react with cells and ultimately promote protein synthesis – the process which increases muscle mass and muscle size.

It goes without saying that the more “free testosterone” that is available, the more efficient the protein synthesis can be. As such, your muscles will increase in size at a much faster rate – which is what we all want.

However, the benefits don’t stop at the big arms. Testosterone boosters have a whole host of other advantages and we’ll now move across to the increase in energy levels you should experience.

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As we touched upon in the previous paragraph, the majority of testosterone progresses straight into the blood stream. This means that it has an impact on erythropoiesis which to the non-scientists out there means our ability to increase the levels of red blood cells.

Higher amounts of these cells have been associated with higher energy levels, meaning that if you can boost your testosterone you should see a rise in your general energy.

This increase in energy doesn’t just revolve around day-to-day activities though; if you turn to a testosterone booster you can improve your performance between the sheets.

In other words, the big T has been linked with higher sex drive – or higher libido.

This is probably one of the most well-known testosterone facts out there and while every man’s sex drive will start to decrease as he hits his mid-20s, this process can actually be reversed if you attempt to naturally boost your levels of the hormone.

Similarly, if you have ever experienced any form of erectile dysfunction, increasing your testosterone levels could possibly aid your situation as well. While it’s not the primary cause behind the condition, studies have proven that increased levels can result in improvement.

There’s much more to testosterone than looking the part and having the sex drive to satisfy any woman on the planet though.

The hormone has been linked with improved moods, stronger bones, a sharper mind and a general increase in confidence.

Once upon a time it was possible to go overboard with risky injections and oral steroids – but natural testosterone boosters add a degree of safety which allows us to manipulate the above benefits without any nasty side effects.


What Are The Best Examples of Testosterone Boosters?

It will come as no surprise to read that the demand for testosterone boosters are rising – particularly for those ones which carry none of the infamous side effects.

For this reason, we have put together the following guide on three of the products which are now classed as the market leaders.


Sync Testosterone

The first product that our guide will focus on is Sync Testosterone. As you may have gathered through the name of this product, it is focussed purely on increasing your levels of testosterone.

Like all products mentioned in this guide, it relies on natural ingredients and in this case eight in particular.

Here is the breakdown of Sync Testosterone in more detail:

  • Sync Testosterone is based on eight natural ingredients to provide you with that boost in testosterone. Tribulus Terrestris and D Aspartic Acid have both been associated with huge gains in the hormone, while the manufacturers have included components such as Ginseng Extract to provide “extra boosts” such as the ability to help you get an erection easier.
  • Unlike some products which only concentrate on the testosterone level aspect, Sync Testosterone works to improve your overall health. Its unique blend of ingredients allows you to lower your blood pressure and even improve your memory – meaning that it’s not “just” the standard benefits you will be experiencing.
  • Sync Testosterone is formed in a way that means even after you stop taking it you will still continue to experience higher levels of testosterone. Ultimately, this means that you’ll carry on getting all of the benefits such as increased muscle mass, energy and sex drive.
  • The manufacturers are so convinced about the effectiveness of Sync Testosterone, that they have included a hugely generous 60-day money-bac guarantee.
  • On the subject of the manufacturers, they have been around for years and have produced some of the most effective supplements the market has ever seen. Their reputation is only enhanced through the hugely positive feedback that Sync Testosterone has accumulated during its time on the market.

Learn more about Sync Testosterone 


Testosterone Max

Again, the name of this product leaves little to the imagination.

Testosterone Max is designed for those of you who want to experience extreme muscle gains, by boosting testosterone levels in a completely natural way.

testosterone max

Here’s what this product has to offer:

  • Testosterone Max is billed to boost your muscles, provide you with faster recovery times and just improve your overall strength and stamina. It does this by increasing our levels of testosterone.
  • Just like every product we’ll look at through this guide, Testosterone Max is based on a completely natural set of ingredients. Similarly to the previous product, it takes advantage of Tribulus terrestris as one of its principal components. This is able to enhance your luteinizing hormone, which happens to be the same hormone that releases all of the testosterone into our body.
  • In comparison to competing products, Testosterone Max uses twice the amount of Tribulus terrestris. In other words, this means that it’s twice as effective at boosting your levels of testosterone.
  • Unlike most steroids which require a needle to supply you with that extra testosterone, Testosterone Max is provided in tablet form. You only need to take one tablet, 2-3 times per day – meaning that it’s not going to hinder your normal activities in the slightest.
  • This is a product put together by one of the most famous brands in the supplements industry. Crazy Bulk are tried, tested – and have done it all. They’ve been in existence for over ten years and this is for one reason; they make products that work. Testosterone Max will live up to its hype and will increase your testosterone to a level which boosts your whole body.



Our final and best recommended testosterone booster arrives in the form of TestoGen. This is based on the same principle as the previous three picks, in the way that it increases our levels of testosterone by a completely natural approach. Here’s how it does it:


  • TestoGen is again based entirely on natural ingredients. It uses similar components to some of the other products we have seen, including D Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek and Tribulus Terrestris. All three of these ingredients have been associated with gains in testosterone and the fact that this product contains so many of these booting components means that it’s much easier to increase your levels of the hormone.
  • TestoGen is marketed with plenty of hard facts. For example, D Aspartic Acid is included due to a study in 2009 which proved that it boosted testosterone. Elsewhere, Fenugreek was found in 2011 to not only boost our libido, but also to help us maintain healthy testosterone levels. In other words, this product has extensive science behind it.
  • The manufacturers believe, courtesy of the selection of ingredients they have used to produce TestoGen, it will take just one month for most people to start seeing the results from the increased testosterone.
  • There’s no need to place any risk on your pocket when you purchase TestoGen, with the product arriving with a generous 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • The above guarantee shouldn’t come as any surprise, with TestoGen manufactured by a brand who have already forged a terrific reputation in the supplements market in a very short period of time. There is a big media frenzy around them, simply because they’ve used real science to create a product that can bring your testosterone up to record levels.

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