Build Your Dream Body – Best Legal Steroid Alternatives

If you were to visit any gym several years ago, there’s a very good chance that all of the bulked up members were following the same diet – one that inevitably included steroids.

Steroids are something that have been part of the bodybuilding industry for years and like it or not, they do work.

hard body with steroid use

They are able to enhance our production of certain hormones, namely testosterone. As we all know, this is one of the chief male hormones and as well as all of its sexual characteristics, it is also able to enhance muscle building at a much faster rate.

The gains are quick and easy – and this was all that a lot of bodybuilders cared about.


What Was The Problem With Traditional Steroids?

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks. In fact, the disadvantages can be hugely significant. The side effects can be horrific and include higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol, depression, excess facial hair and aggression.

There have even been some deaths caused by steroids, with heart attacks and strokes common amongst those athletes who abuse them.

steroids side effects

Therefore, the transition to legal steroids has been significant. As you may have gathered, “real steroids” courted a lot of controversy and this has resulted in many of them being banned.

We’re not just talking about them being banned from sport either, the side effects from some mean that they have been branded illegal and deemed completely unsuitable for everyone.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped some people from illegally obtaining them – but the advice is to stay away at all costs, as the side effects can, and have proven to be, fatal.


What Are Legal Steroids?

Manufacturers have been forced to curb their ways and legal alternatives have entered the picture; all of which hold absolutely no side effects.

Of course, one could suggest that they aren’t quite as powerful, but they are made up of natural substitutes that have been proven to increase protein synthesis and ultimately make the muscle building process that much easier.

Many can also enhance nitrogen retention – which is another key attribute if you are looking to increase your muscle mass.

legal steroids results

The idea behind legal steroids isn’t for them to mimic the way in which real ones work, but instead to mimic the results. A lot of products, as we’ll see further down in the course of the review, are based on the real, traditional versions but work in a completely different way.

For example, some will aim to enhance protein synthesis, others will boost nitrogen retention in the muscles, while a select few will just increase the amount of testosterone we are producing.

The big difference is that the way in which they do this is via natural ingredients; components that aren’t going to cause our body to go into meltdown and produce nasty side effects. Instead, they gradually work to perform all of the above and this means that they aren’t only effective, but they are completely safe to use.



How is The Legal Steroids Market Perceived?

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The main benefit about the natural steroids industry is that it’s constantly growing, and the results are becoming more and more convincing.

Once upon a time it was viewed quite sceptically – which was only natural considering the fact there were no side effects compared to the “real deal”. However, experts are now starting to conduct extensive medical trials on the ingredients that manufacturers are including in these natural products, and the results are speaking for themselves.

For example, one natural ingredient called ecdysterone, which is extracted from Suma root, is found to be more anabolic than one of the most popular, illegal steroids around (Dianabol).

Therefore, it is clear that natural steroids can produce the same, if not greater, effects than synthetic alternatives – even though they carry no risk.


What Are The Best Examples of Legal Steroids?

As you may have gathered from the first part of this article, legal steroids are on the rise. More and more are starting to hit the market, but the following three are regarded as the most established at the moment.


#1 – D-Bal (Dianabol)

We touched upon Dianabol several paragraphs ago; as this was a steroid which was one of the most renowned in the bodybuilding industry. It was hugely powerful; simply because it could boost immense muscle growth by creating the ultimate anabolic state in the body.

d-bal dianabol steroid

However, its side effects meant that it was banned several years ago. As such, D-Bal has entered the field as its natural replacement and has successfully established itself as one of the most reputable supplements around. It can be broken down as the following:

  • D-Bal is composed of completely natural ingredients, meaning that there are absolutely no side effects unlike real steroids.
  • It might not be the “real” injection steroid, but D-Bal still works in exactly the same way. From a scientific perspective, D-Bol works by mimicking the effects of Methandrostenolon (which is what we all know as Dianabol). It forces the body into an anabolic state, allowing our muscle tissue to retain much more nitrogen. In turn, this results in an increase in protein synthesis and as we all know, more protein results in bigger muscle gains.
  • This is a product which isn’t going to hinder your day-to-day life, and doesn’t require painful needle injections. Instead, it arrives in capsule form – meaning it can be taken just like any standard supplement or form of medication.
  • Even though it’s a natural replacement for Dianabol, some people have experienced muscle growth in as little as two weeks. In other words, it doesn’t have the side effects, but it still has fantastic results for anyone looking to bulk up.
  • D-Bal is manufactured by Crazy Bulk, who are renowned for their reliance on natural components. They know how to make the most out of natural ingredients and in this case, they know how to mimic the results of one of the most powerful steroids around. The fact they have been in business for over a decade shows just how successful they are and over the course of this period they have become the market leaders in the legal steroids market.

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#2 – Winsol (Winstrol)

Our second pick has also been released as a direct replacement for one of the real steroids. Winstrol (Winsol) is an alternative to Winstrol and while this is still legal, the fact that it has been banned by the vast majority of sporting organisations highlights its power.

winidrol crazymass


  • For those interested in the science, Winstrol works in exactly the same way as Stanozolol (which we know as Winstrol). It is regarded as a cutting agent, which is able to force our body into an anabolic state. This means that it automatically encourages muscle growth, although the added benefits of this supplement is that it burns excess fat to emphasise our muscular physique even more.
  • Even though Winstrol is legal, you still require a prescription to use it. Due to the natural make-up, this is not the case with Winstrol and you can therefore take advantage of the results instantaneously.
  • The only difference between Winstrol and Winstrol is the lack of side effects. You still consume it in tablet form, while the manufacturers recommend that it is taken using the “two months on” and “1.5 weeks off” formula. In other words, it’s easy to make the transition from the real product to the natural substitute.
  • The manufacturers make a big point of stating that customers won’t experience any kidney and liver problems. This is in contrast to standard steroids, where this is one of the primary side effects.
  • Just like the previous product, Winstrol is manufactured by Crazy Bulk. Again, it means that it’s a product from a tried-and-tested company who have been around for years and are known by everyone as being the market leaders for legal steroids.

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#3 – Testosterone Max

As the name of our final pick indicates, this supplement is based on boosting our levels of testosterone. Again, the difference between this and the steroid equivalents is the natural factor – with Testosterone Max based purely on natural ingredients.

testtosterone max

It can be summarise as the following:

  • Testosterone has long-been associated with increased muscle gains over the years; countless studies have been conducted which confirm this. However, most of the time the increased levels of this hormone are delivered via dangerous steroids. Instead of taking this approach, Testosterone Max takes advantage of pure Tribulus Terrestris extract, allowing us to boost our levels (and subsequently our muscle size) in a completely safe way.
  • The beauty about Tribulus terrestris is that it contains steroidal saponins which are able to enhance our luteinizing hormone. This is why you are able to produce so much more testosterone after taking the supplement; as this is the hormone that powers the production of the chemical.
  • If Testosterone Max is compared to rival supplements, it contains twice the concentration of pure tribulus terrestris. Considering the fact that this is the main source of testosterone, this means that the results can occur significantly more efficiently.
  • All of the above means that Testosterone Max can provide you with added strength, energy and muscle mass – all of the ingredients for that perfect beach body.
  • Just like all of the products we have looked at through the course of this guide, there’s no need to go under the needle for Testosterone Max. It’s a product which arrives in a bottle, allowing for easy tablet consumption.
  • As well as the obvious muscle-building attributes, Testosterone Max will help you in the bedroom. Studies have also concluded that it can aid with sex drive and fertility, giving you the upper edge between the sheets whilst still allowing you to chisel your body to perfection.
  • On a similar note, the product has helped some people deal with erectile dysfunction – meaning that its uses really can span far and wide.
  • It is again made by Crazy Bulk – the company renowned for their knowledge of natural, steroid-replacement supplements. We’ll again reiterate the importance of this; Crazy Bulk are renowned as the best in the business for legal steroids and no other company comes close. In other words, if you are opting to legalise your steroid use, this is the company you should be choosing.

Using Stacks

Bulking Stack

bulking stack legal steroids crazy bulk

Over the years the bodybuilding industry has placed a lot of emphasis on steroids. These created mammoth gains for bodybuilders around the world, only for red tape to mean that many were banned for use.

This was mainly because of the side effects that they all provoked, although Crazy Bulk’s Bulking Stack now aims to help these very same athletes again. Let’s take an overview of the bundle:

  • Bulking Stack contains four products; D-Bal, Testosterone-Max, DecaDuro and Trenorol.
  • Each of these four products works slightly differently by using unique concoctions of ingredients. They are all designed to promote fast, mass muscle gains, whilst allowing the body to recover from intense workouts at record speeds. Their design also means that you get the most out of them when you “stack them”, and ultimately multiply all of the benefits.
  • While you could buy each of these four products individually, by purchasing the bundle you save 20% from the combined total. This means that you will pay just £109.13 to reap all of the life-changing benefits.
  • While plenty of scientific research is invested into each product, the bundle has some truly terrific customer feedback. For example, one man increased his bench-press lift by 40kg, while another increased his body mass by one stone. These extraordinary results affect real people.
  • Additionally, the results don’t take an age to occur. Within just thirty days the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack package can transform your body.
  • You are not just purchasing any old combination of products here; the Bulking Stack is designed and brought to the market by the best. Crazy Bulk are one of the biggest names in the bodybuilding industry and if you are serious about developing, this is a company who ooze trust and will help you achieve your goals in no time.


Cutting Stack

cutting stack crazy mass crazybulks


For those of you who need to push down the fat levels ahead of beach body season, Crazy Bulk’s Cutting Stack could be the way forward. Here, we take a look at a breakdown of the product:

  • Cutting Stack contains four products in the shape of Anvarol, Testosterone-Max, Clenbutrol and Winsol.
  • Just like most of Crazy Bulk’s products, these four supplements are based on banned steroids that once dominated the bodybuilding industry. In other words, Crazy Bulk have taken the benefits of banned steroids, and repackaged them as safe supplements which are based entirely on natural ingredients.
  • All of the products have been designed to be “stacked”, meaning that by using all four together you are just multiplying the benefits.
  • When we talk about these benefits, we mean a number of things. You will shred all of that unnecessary and ugly fat, replace it with lean muscle whilst having much more energy to power through those once-impossible workouts at the gym.
  • The manufacturers say that results can occur in just one month, and they certainly aren’t lying. For example, one man lost a stone and 3.4% of body fat after just thirty days of using the product. The same could happen to you.
  • Another benefit of buying all four products at once is the cost. It should probably go without saying that a saving is on offer and you’ll pay 20% less than you would by purchasing each item individually. This means that you will just pay £112.16.
  • We should again point out the reputation of the manufacturers, with Crazy Bulk officially one of the biggest names in the business. They are able to take an illegal product, extract all of the drawbacks, and make it into something that’s safe, legal and ultimately effective. They’ve done it time and time again.

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Legal Steroid Cycles and Stacks

The terms “cycles” and “stacks” are commonplace in the bodybuilding industry and as any athlete who is serious about their training will tell you, they are essential components of getting the most out of your body. However, for most of us, we just don’t know where to start.


What are steroid cycles?

steroid cycle

First and foremost, let’s get to the bottom of steroid cycles and exactly what they are. In short, they revolve around the period of time that a person uses a steroid for. Other quarters will refer to this period as the “on-cycle”, with the opposite unsurprisingly coming in the form of the “off-cycle”.


What are steroid stacks?

Now the cycles have been defined, let’s leap into stacks. This basically involves an athlete using multiple steroids at any one point during a cycle.

Many athletes have found that this is an exceptionally fruitful approach due to the sheer number of steroids that are available. For example, one can purchase anything from thyroid hormones right the way to peptide hormones – meaning that the body can be affected in umpteen ways.

It should go without saying that different steroid combinations will spark varying results. There is no set formula either; different people will experience different levels of success which means that a trial and error approach is advisable.

Of course, there are various rules that should be adopted for the purpose of your own safety, many of which will be covered through the remainder of this guide.


Cutting Stack Cycle For Legal Steroids

cutting stack cycle for legal steroids


Bulking Stack Cycle For Legal Steroids

bulking stack cycle for legal steroids



How should your first cycles work?

Unsurprisingly, your first steroid cycles are some of the most important that you will put your body through. Beginners are particularly at risk due to their limited knowledge and experience of steroids and due to the safety implications, it is crucial that you take precautions in the early days.

The first rule is keeping things as simple as possible. In other words, this means that you should resist the urge to stack – even though this might prove to be a beneficial approach further down the line.

Something else that a lot of beginners forget is that other variables always come into play. For example, you must ensure that your nutrition is up to scratch.

In the case of bulking, this means that you must consume enough calories to promote muscle growth. Additionally, your training must be co-ordinated appropriately and again align to your muscle growth aims.

You should only provide your body with hormones that it is familiar with, with testosterone being one of the primary examples. You need to start slowly and gradually determine what is working for your body and if you are experiencing problems, what exactly is causing them.

Once you can determine that your body is reacting positively, or at least not negatively, to single steroids you can then consider stacking.


A point about oral steroids

best supplements

Something else that could affect beginners, which is worthy of its own section, is a point about oral steroids. These should never be consumed in a cycle, nor should any cycle only use oral anabolic steroids.

Most people take this approach because of a fear of needles but unfortunately, there aren’t any short cuts here and as oral anabolic steroids have not designed to be used alone, you should avoid taking them in this way. They are to be used as supplements to a base cycle, and nothing else.


What about advanced cycles and stacks?

great body

As we’ve just touched upon, if you reacted positively to your first cycle you can start to consider moving to more advanced ones.

We should also point something else out at this point – some men will be completely satisfied with what they have achieved right now and in these cases there really isn’t a need to progress to advanced cycles and stacking methods.

Nevertheless, for those of you who are looking to extract even more out of your body, it’s time to read on.

Every cycle and stack carries something of a risk and reward element. In other words, the higher gains you want to achieve, the more risk you have to take.

In some cases, the risks reach such a level that protective measures need to be taken and beyond these levels, you need to quit stacking and just stick to the formula which is working.

The unfortunate issue is that it is impossible to put together an advanced cycle and stacking method for every man out there. Each person is different, although if we were to take an average figure we’d say that most men need at least 300mg of single ester testosterone every week.

This is an amount which is generally tolerable amongst males and it’s not until you surpass 1g that it might be difficult to consume. This is the reason why it is crucial to see exactly what dosing requirements each steroid that you are using has.


How long should your steroid cycles be?

how long to use legal steroids

A big question that a lot of advanced steroid users need to ask themselves is just how long the cycle should last. Again, it’s a fine balance – with athletes attempting to find something which is going to net themselves sufficient gains, but within safe boundaries.

First and foremost, it’s very difficult to experience any significant gains if you only have a short cycle. This is because the human body does not appreciate change and it can take a while to adapt to the new chemicals that are entering your body.

Bearing the above in mind, the standard minimum cycle that most men adhere to is eight weeks, although many will stretch this to twelve weeks.

In fact, twelve weeks appears to be the average overall, with some men tipping towards sixteen weeks from time to time. After this period, you should look to make your off-cycle the equivalent length.

Elite athletes will cut this off-cycle down significantly, as they simply have to continue developing. However, for the Average Joe out there, it’s not worth the risk.


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