Boost Your Muscle Growth With Human Growth Hormone Supplements

There are certain chemicals in the body that most of us just know everything about.

Even if we don’t hold any sort of medical qualification, there are sufficient products in the world for many of us to have at least heard of HGH – or Human Growth Hormone in its full form.


Even if you don’t understand the ins and outs of this hormone, you’ll probably already know that it’s one of the most powerful chemicals in your body when it comes to staying young and also building up muscle (and shredding fat, we should probably add).


What is The Science Behind HGH?

In terms of the science behind HGH, this is a component which is produced by the pituitary gland and is gradually released into the body.

It can cause a whole host of benefits, many of which we will discuss further along in this article.


How Has HGH Been Taken in The Past?

However, these very benefits that were discussed in the previous paragraph made abuse of HGH extremely prominent, with many people taking advantage of HGH injections in a bid to provide them with a synthetic boost of the hormone.

There were occasions when this was completely fine, with certain syndromes and also poor growth in children being prime examples, but when these injections got into the wrong hands there was the potential for a lot to go wrong.

hgh injections

It was mainly bodybuilders who attempted to manipulate their HGH levels this way, but in doing so they risked high cholesterol levels, numbness of the skin and even an increased risk of diabetes and cancer.


What Benefits Does HGH Provide to us?

All of the above side effects were completely worthwhile for a lot of bodybuilders though. After all, HGH is regarded as one of the principal hormones for those people who wish to gain an edge whilst training.

hgh effects

For starters, HGH is able to promote protein synthesis. As we all know, protein is one of the key components for anyone who is wishing to maximise their returns from gym sessions – as it’s able to speed up muscle recovery and repair times.

The fact that increased levels of HGH allow you to enhance this process means that your muscles will increase at a much faster rate, while you’ll be ready for your next gym session in equally as fast times.

The recovery periods lead onto similar benefits, such as HGH’s ability to provide us with more energy and even give us better sleeping patterns.

These are again advantages that can prove to be huge for the typical bodybuilder, but they also contribute to another one of the big reasons why so many people opt for HGH boosting products – they can contribute to the anti-aging theme.

human growth hormone benefits

As well as being regarded as a hormone that helps athletes gain muscle and lose fat at unprecedented rates, HGH is known as a chemical which can slow down the aging process.

The reasons for this are simple; the pituitary gland produces HGH from a young age as it’s the hormone which allows us to grow. However, as we start to age, the levels of HGH that we produce start to decline.

It means that we experience age-related deterioration, ranging from anything such as a slower metabolism (which ultimately means it’s easier to put on weight), to poor bone composition.


How Do People Boost Their HGH Levels in Today’s Age?

Following on from the above, if we can increase the levels of HGH that our body produces, it’s understood that we can reverse the aging process.

decline of hgh by age

This is something that almost sounds too good to be true, but countless medical professionals have confirmed that it does occur. It’s also the reason why we have finally moved away from the dangerous HGH injections and progressed to something more natural.

Companies have started to produce “natural” HGH boosters, which mean that we don’t have to risk the horrible side effects that accompany the traditional forms of treatment.

Instead, we take advantage of natural ingredients to promote further production of the hormone – and this is a much safer way of losing fat, gaining muscle, and generally looking much younger.


What Are The Best Examples of Natural HGH Supplements?

It would be fair to say that the market for natural HGH supplements is absolutely huge. While this does give us a wide choice, there are certainly some products which are more favourable than others.

Here, we’ve put together three which we feel are the current market leaders.


GH Advanced+

The first of our picks is GHAdvanced+, which is regarded as one of the most detailed HGH supplements that has ever hit the market.


It is made up by a huge number of ingredients, many of which are backed by genuine scientific studies, and is very much trusted by the market. It can be broken down like the following:

  • GHAdvanced+ is one of the most thorough HGH supplements that has ever been released. The fact that it provides you with both a day and night capsule, each full of different ingredients to suit the time, shows just how extensive it is and how much research the manufacturers have put into it.
  • There are no fewer than fourteen products which make up GHAdvanced+, which again shows just how much research has been invested. Seven of these ingredients are in the day capsule, with the remaining seven at night.
  • The emphasis on the evening capsule is one of the most impressive parts of GHAdvanced+. While some products will just provide you a boost of HGH at any point during the day, the manufacturers have bought into the fact that larger levels of HGH are released are at night. This means that the product is fine-tuned to the way that our body works.
  • The product takes advantage of the likes of L-Arginine, Niacine and L-Ornithine to stimulate the release of HGH. They all aim to enhance the pituitary gland – as this is the gland which controls just how much HGH is released into our body.
  • The manufacturers have included a huge 180-day money-back guarantee, meaning that you can try GHAdvanced+ without risking any money whatsoever.
  • The money-back guarantee shouldn’t come as a surprise, with the manufacturers being hugely reputable. They’re based in the US, can be contacted by phone and are just generally trustworthy.

Learn more about GH Advanced Plus 


GenF20 Plus

Another one of our picks comes in the form of GenF20 Plus. This is another product based on a whole concoction of natural ingredients, but it also happens to have hit the market with a lot of clinical backing.

genf 20 plus

This is how GenF20 can be summarised:

  • GenF20 Plus can’t be described as your “standard” HGH booster. It arrives as a capsule and oral spray; allowing you to approach HGH development from multiple angles.
  • Like all of the products that have been included in this guide, GenF20 is based purely on a natural blend of components. It includes L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Glycine and Anterior Pituitary Powder to name a few and these are all ingredients that have been proven to contribute to increased levels of the hormone.
  • For example, L-Arginine alone has been found in medical tests to triple some people’s HGH levels. Elsewhere, another way in which GenF20 Plus works so effectively is through the Pituitary Anterior Powder ingredient – with this able to stimulate the pituitary gland into releasing more HGH. In other words, this product is based only on effective and proven ingredients.
  • GenF20 Plus isn’t some sort of fad product; it’s based on actual results. For example, one clinical trial showed that after just a twelve week period, participants experienced an increase in HGH by a mammoth 28%.
  • The product is released by a company who have become one of the market leaders in the supplements industry. Leading Edge Health have been around for over fifteen years and this is only because they release products that do exactly as their marketing brochures say.

Learn more about Genf20 Plus 

Somatropinne HgH

The final suggestion on our list is Somatropinne HgH. This is a product which again uses some of the most proven natural HGH-boosting ingredients around, as well as having significant backing from medical professionals.

somatropinne hgh

This is what can be concluded about Somatropinne HgH:

  • Somatropinne HgH uses a mixture of amino acids and secretagogues to increase the level of HGH in our body. In the case of the former, these amino acids are able to stimulate the pituitary gland into producing more of HGH. The secretagogues meanwhile contain low levels of synthetic HGH, which are able to enhance the benefits of the chemical even more than most supplements allow. Very few HGH enhancing products are able to safely combine the two approaches like this.
  • Additionally, the manufacturers have selected six of the most renowned Growth Factors to form Somatropinne HGH. In other words, they have selected the very best ingredients that are responsible for increasing our HGH levels, and put together a hugely powerful product.
  • This is a product which is also recommended by independent researchers and physicians – showing that it’s not just marketing spiel, it’s based on science that works.
  • The manufacturers are so confident about the effectiveness of Somatropinne HGH that they have included a money-back guarantee. If you don’t experience the results that you were hoping for within 90 days, you can obtain a complete refund.
  • On the subject of the manufacturers, Somatropinne HGH is made by Purity Select who are hugely regarded in the supplements industry. They concentrate all of their efforts on creating HGH products and their success means that they have been operating as the market leader for the past ten years.

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