Lose Weight Faster & Easier – The Best Fat Burners to Use

For as long as the world spins round we’ll always be looking for a method to shed the pounds.

Looking thin, and generally in shape, is something that we all aspire to be but until recently it took a rigorous exercise plan and a ridiculously strict diet.

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What Has Changed?

While diet and exercise will always be the top combination to make you stay in shape, it’s now possible to at least “cheat” the system.

Once upon a time cheating might have involved taking some sort of dangerous weight loss pill. Weight loss pills are slowly on their way out, with many now banned from the shelves due to the increased risk in heart problems and other nasty side effects that many of them carried.

However, in their place has arrived a natural substitute. They are still packaged as weight loss pills, or fat burning supplements, but they are formed from completely natural ingredients.


This means that the days of risky side effects are long gone – the reliance on natural components means that your body is working “differently” to help you lose weight, but in a completely safe manner.


How Do these Fat Burners Work?

One could write a whole dissertation on just how natural fat burners work; the industry is hugely extensive to say the least. Most rely on natural components which are able to trigger our body’s hormones into releasing varied amounts of chemicals.

This can result in our appetite being suppressed, our energy levels increasing or even a boost to our metabolic rate occurring. All of the above can prompt terrific weight loss – which is the primary aim for all of us.

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What Products Are Available?

The weight loss industry has always been vast and these developments haven’t changed anything. There are countless supplements available but from our research, the following three are the market leaders.



The first of our picks happens to be one of the most established fat burners that has ever donned the market. Phen375 has been available for years and some people have sworn by its success rates. Let’s take a look at the product in further detail:


  • One of the reasons why Phen375 is so effective is its ability to contribute to fat loss via multiple angles. It will suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism while increasing your energy levels no-end. All of this means you consume fewer calories, but burn more as well.
  • Over the years the manufacturers have gathered concreate proof that Phen375 does help you burn fat. It’s been found that the typical man will lose between three and five pounds per week – which can certainly go a long way as you bid to shed your weight.
  • Phen375 is also regarded as one of the most cost effective weight loss solutions out there, with the product costing less than $3.80 per day to take.
  • It works by taking advantage of ingredients that have become renowned in this industry. L-Carnitine will allow your body to release more fat into the bloodstream, and ultimately boost your energy levels. Meanwhile, caffeine has been included to reduce your appetite, while sympathomimetic amine will enhance your metabolic rate.
  • Another reason why Phen375 is hugely successful is because of the company behind it. RDK Global are classed as the top weight loss supplement company in the United States and have no fewer than 50 staff available for any product queries.

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Garcinia Cambogia

Another favourite in the industry comes in the form of Garcinia Cambogia. Based on a natural fruit, this product also arrives with plenty of promise as we investigate further through this summary:

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  • Garcinia Cambogia is based entirely on the Garcinia fruit, with this being renowned for its fat burning principles.
  • The science behind this product is unbelievably compelling. The Garcinia Cambogia fruit contains a huge amount of hydroxycitric acid (60% of it is this, to be precise). HCA is able to regulate our blood sugars to suppress our appetite, whilst also blocking digestive enzymes so carbohydrates aren’t stored as fat.
  • HCA has also been found to boost our serotonin levels. This means that it can be possible to “cure” those of you who suffer from comfort eating, which generally occurs due to emotional distress. This is the only product out of the three we have looked at which can do this.
  • This product benefits from hard-facts as well. A 12-week study published almost fifteen years ago showed that those taking advantage of a garcinia extract supplement were able to lose 2.3kg of fat more over the trial.
  • One bottle of Garcinia Cambogia costs just $58.45, while you can save over $235 if you invest in a six bottle supply for $174.85.
  • The manufacturers behind Garcinia Cambogia have been covered in some of the most established publications in the world including the Daily Mail, GMTV and Men’s Health. This is purely because the media completely buy into their product.


Raspberry Ketone Plus

One supplement which appears to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue in the weight loss industry is raspberry ketones. This final pick on our list, aptly named Raspberry Ketone Plus, relies completely on this extract and has also forged a superb reputation in the market:

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  • As the name suggests, Raspberry Ketone Plus relies purely on raspberry ketones. These have been found to boost the hormone Adiponectin, which is responsible for controlling our metabolic rate. As such, our metabolism immediately increases when raspberry ketones interact with this hormone – making it much easier for us to lose weight.
  • A side-benefit of Adiponectin is that it can also regulate our glucose levels. This means that we are provided with more energy, allowing us to burn more calories through the course of a day.
  • The best results from this product occur when you eat appropriately. To help you with this, the manufacturers have included a 7-day diet plan.
  • A one month supply of Raspberry Ketone Plus costs just $31, making it the cheapest fat burner out of all which we have looked at.
  • Evolution Slimming, the company behind Raspberry Ketone Plus, are renowned in the weight loss industry. They have been featured on FOX News and are just generally respected.

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