Achieve Great Weight Loss With The Best Fat Binders On The Market

Few people would disagree that the weight loss industry is inundated with “fads”. In other words, there are plenty of products which claim to rely on sound science, but are really made up of complete marketing spiel with no plausible benefits.

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Then, came fat binders. This was a science that suddenly became believable – as it just makes sense. Since their arrival to the market, fat binders have created a storm amongst health experts.

Countless studies have been carried out and all have confirmed, via official clinical trials, that they do help reduce the amount of fat we consume. Ultimately, this keeps our weight down to record levels.


How Do Fat Binders Work?

As we’ve just highlighted, fat binders work on remarkably simple science. They contain ingredients which are able to attract fat molecules and bind to them to create a much bigger substance.

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This substance is just too large to be digested and subsequently exits the body via natural means. As such, we are consuming far fewer calories than normal.

Of course, these fat binders don’t work miracles and aren’t going to eradicate every bit of fat that enters your body. However, they can generally prevent around a quarter from being absorbed – which can amount to terrific weight loss over just a short period of time.


What Fat Binders Are Available?

Following on from the above, it won’t come as a surprise to read that fat binders are hot in demand. Fortunately, the supply is also there, with the following three products seen as some of the most established in the industry.


Proactol XS

It was first showcased by Mischa Barton, and since then Proactol XS has gone from strength-to-strength. Here, we take a look at our first fat binding pick in more detail:

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  • Proactol XS is marketed on the basic principle that it can bind up to 800 times its own weight in fat. This means that any fat that does enter your body is covered by the product.
  • To put the above into even simpler terms, it’s thought that most people will be able to limit how much fat that enters their body by 25%. That means you’ll be consuming a quarter less than you normally do.
  • From a scientific perspective, Proactol XS relies on Chitosan. This attracts fat molecules and immediately binds them, making them far too big to be absorbed into the small intestine. As such, they are discarded as natural waste – and not put onto our waistline.
  • The claims about Proactol XS don’t stop there, with studies showing that it is 33% more effective than any other fat binding product on the market.
  • A ten day supply of the product costs just £24.95, while further discounts can be obtained if you buy in bulk. For example, it costs just £124.95 if you buy the 90-day version.
  • The company behind Proactol XS is formed by doctors and medical experts. It means that they can be completely trusted.

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One of the direct competitors to Proactol XS is XLS-Medical. It’s been on the market for over ten years, which says everything you need to know about how established it has become. Here’s what we found through our investigation into the product:

xls medical

  • XLS-Medical is another fat binder that can affect huge amounts of fat that enter our body. A study revealed that around 27% of fat can be bound to the components that form the products, which again results in a massive drop in calorie consumption.
  • Having been on the market for so many years, the manufacturers have been able to invest in various clinical trials. One of these found that those patients who took advantage of XLS-Medical lost no fewer than three times more weight than those that stuck to a simple diet.
  • XLS-Medical works in exactly the same way as Proactol XS in the manner it binds fat. The only difference is the ingredient that it uses, with the product including Litramine to attract and bind fat molecules.
  • It has been registered as a Type II Medical Device. This means that it’s been identified by the FDA and has been registered as safe to use.
  • A 30-tablet box of XLS-Medical costs £12.99. It’s recommended that you take around six tablets a day to maximise the benefits from the product, meaning that it falls slightly more expensive than Proactol XS.
  • Another advantage of XLS-Medical is the company behind the product. As we’ve already stated, they’ve been around for over a decade and this is because of one reason and one reason only; they make products that work.



The final pick on our list is Medoslim. It would be fair to say that this isn’t quite as renowned as some of the other products we have looked at, but it will still prove appealing to a lot of patients. Let’s take a look at this one in more detail:


  • Medoslim is also a fat binder, but relies on a much different ingredient. It takes advantage of Prickly Pear, which attracts fat and binds it to a substance which is just too large to be absorbed into the small intestine.
  • The major benefit with this product is its price. Most people will only have to take two capsules per day, yet a box of 120-tablets costs just £29.95. This makes it significantly cheaper than any of the other products we have analysed.
  • For the price, some of the success stories border on the unbelievable. For example, one woman lost 6kg in just three weeks, while another lost 10kg in the space of a month. In other words, the product is backed by real people with real results.
  • Just like XLS-Medical, Medoslim has been handed Type II Medical Device status which just boosts everyone’s trust in the product.
  • Medoslim is manufactured by Swiss Beauty, who are renowned as being one of the market leaders in Sweden for health supplements. Now, they are making their move internationally – and are proving hugely successful at doing so.

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