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How to Deal With a Curved Penis

One of the biggest debates in the sex industry focusses around penis size and despite what some people might love to tell you, size really doesn’t matter.

However, something that you do need to fine-tune is your performance. You might not be the biggest man in the world, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t make her feel sensations she’s never experienced before in the bedroom.

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It all relates to performance but sometimes, even this is out of your control.

What we’re now moving onto is Peyronie’s disease – that awful condition which results in a curvature to the penis. We’ll diverse shortly onto the reasons why it’s such a hindrance to your bedroom performance but hopefully it’s already quite obvious.

It looks unsightly, makes your penis smaller, and makes it harder for you to perform your best. In other words, it can be the ultimate turn-off for her.

The scary thing is that around 10% of US men are affected by this condition. That’s a lot of men who are struggling to fulfil their potential in the bedroom, but there could be answers.

Peyronie’s disease is becoming more understood and through the course of this guide, we’ll take a look at just what you can do to beat it.

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What is Peyronie’s Disease?

It might sound quite a complex condition, but Peyronie’s disease is actually based on a very simple problem. It all revolves around the tissues inside the penis shaft become scarred.

Over time, this results in the penis becoming curved, as the inflammation forces the organ to bend in a certain direction.

Perhaps the most unfortunate thing about Peyronie’s disease is the fact that it’s such an unknown condition. Nobody knows why it occurs and for now at least, it’s all about the cure and not prevention.

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What difference does it make to you (and your partner)?

Peyronie’s disease isn’t something which just looks unsightly, it can have countless other symptoms – all of which are deeply unpleasant.

With around 60% of sufferers experiencing at least some form of penile pain, it would be fair to say that this is one of the most significant symptoms. This mainly occurs during an erection, or when you are having an orgasm.

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In fact, in relation to the former, some men have noted that they have found it much more difficult to get and maintain an erection after suffering from the condition. Unfortunately, things don’t stop there. The fact that the penis has become curved means that it’s a little shorter, which can hinder your ability to penetrate your partner.

Additionally, the scarred tissue that occurs under the skin of the penis can be uncomfortable and add to the unsightly nature of this condition.

All of the symptoms associated with Peyronie’s disease don’t exactly perform wonders for your sex life. As we all know, the appearance of your penis is everything and if you turn up in the bedroom with a curvature, it’s hardly going to be a big turn on for her.

When you also consider the potential erection problems, the bumpy scars and the shortened length – Peyronie’s disease isn’t just a painful problem for you, it can cause some serious problems between the sheets.


How is Peyronie’s Disease Treated?

As we touched upon previously, one of the big problems about this condition is that doctors don’t quite understand it. They aren’t quite sure why it occurs and therefore, it’s very hard for them to recommend successful treatment options.

However, hope is on the horizon. One of the most popular forms of treatment at the moment comes in the form of a stretching device. Rather than rely on drugs and supplements to “sort” the problem, some experts have conjured up devices which take a more physical approach.

The results so far are very encouraging and if we were to hone in on a specific product, the Peyronie’s Device would probably be our pick of choice.



What is the Peyronie’s Device?

Peyronie’s diesease might be something of an unknown quantity, but the Peyronie’s Device takes an incredibly simple approach to treatment.

In essence, it aims to increase the shorter side of the penis so it increases to a length that is equivalent to the longer side. This eradicates the curve and also all of the nasty symptoms that we discussed previously.

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Here is a more thorough breakdown on the product:

  • The Peyronie’s device takes advantage of plausible and tried and tested science to treat Peyronie’s disease. It’s a device which straps to your penis and uses traction technology to effectively stretch the shorter side so the organ regains its initial straightness.
  • The thought of a contraption being tied to your penis might sound distressing, but this product is actually based on a comfort system. The manufacturers refer to it as the “Perfect Grip System” – which means that it has been designed for penises of all shapes and sizes to maximise comfort.
  • To highlight how successful this product can be, we’ll refer to a medical study. The trial focussed on a testing group that saw their curved penis improve by 20 degrees. For most men, such an improvement would absolutely transform their sex life.
  • As some of you may know, a bent penis doesn’t necessarily mean that you suffer from Peyronie’s disease. Even if you don’t, this device can be used to treat you.
  • Similarly, regardless of the way in which your penis bends, the Peyronie’s device can treat you. Whether it is bending upwards, to the left, right or downwards – it is designed to accommodate bends of all types.
  • If you don’t see an improvement to your curved penis, you can get your money back. There’s a six month money-back guarantee included in your purchase, so you have plenty of time to see if the product is for you.
  • · The product is manufactured by Permenda Ltd, one of the most renowned companies in the male enhancements industry. They’ve released some of the most successful products for men over the years, including SizeGenetics and the Ultimate Stretcher. They know, and have the experience, to improve your sex life.

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