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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Transforming Your Beauty Regime

Let’s face it – most of us just don’t have the time to pull off that A-list look. While we’d all love to appear like we’ve just woken up in Hollywood, the chances of this occurring are slender to say the least as general life takes over.

beauty regime for girls guide

While we probably haven’t got any quick hacks that are going to make you look like the latest magazine-esque celebrity, there are certainly tricks and tips that you can attempt to get you well on your way. The concept is spending as little time as possible on your appearance, but making as many strides as possible at the same time.

Therefore, if you don’t have the time or inclination to embark on all of the beauty techniques that the celebs work on, it’s time to read on. Here are fifteen hacks which can transform your beauty regime.


Sooth-while-you-sleep heel treatments

heel treatments

Heels are a bit of a problem area, but they’re usually ignored as they tend to be out-of-sight. Nevertheless, sorting them couldn’t be easier and to make things even better, you can do it while you nap.

Before bed, cover your heels with a foot lotion or oil before putting on a pair of socks. The end result? Soft and smooth feet when that alarm goes off.


Glitter can be your nails’ best friend

beautiful glitter nails

Got an out-of-date manicure? It’s an absolute pain to say the least and with your nails being one of those body parts which just can’t be hidden away unless you can afford to wear gloves, it’s something which needs to be addressed quickly.

Rather than getting yet another manicure done, turning to glitter can be a much more promising solution. Start sprinkling the glitter around the base of your nails, where the manicure is growing out, and quickly mask the gaping gaps that have formed. The effect can last an age – and look great at the same time.


Dry shampoo can be another one of your best friends

dry shampoo

This is mainly for those of you who have dark hair that you’ve decided to dye a shade of blonde. While this can suit most women perfectly, the problem comes when you need to start disguising your roots which are starting to grow back out.

Fortunately, dry shampoo is here to the rescue. It might be regarded primarily as something to quickly clean your hair with, but it can also mask those roots perfectly. Simply give them a spray, wait several minutes, and watch it work its magic.


Or, the alternative method for roots…

hair roots

You don’t have to be a one-trick pony when it comes to your roots though. If they need touching up, you don’t have to keep the same style.

Forget about keeping that straight part in the middle – this is only going to emphasize the roots seeping through. Instead, opt for a side parting and mask all of that unwanted, foreign colour.


Failing the dry shampoo, how about baby powder?

baby powder

There’s plenty of substitute ingredients out there when it comes to keeping your hair clean, but this is one of the most inventive yet at the same time, it’s hugely effective.

Applying baby powder to your roots before you go to sleep is an easy way to prevent it getting greasy during the night.

It’s worth mentioning that this tip is not advisable during the day; there’s a chance that the baby powder won’t have faded sufficiently and you’ll be left with suspicious marks on your head!


Avoid the evening kinks

hair bun

It’s one of the most annoying things about going to bed; you’ll wake up with either flat hair or strands that are full of kinks. Fortunately, this is another easy problem to rectify. Simply create a bun, secure it with bobby pins and when you do wake up, you’ll be left with waves. Simple.


How to get smokin’ hot eyes

smokin hot eyes

Nothing quite beats smokin’ hot eyes – you know the ones, the type that just ooze sexiness. Fortunately, to achieve this look it’s really not that difficult. Starting with your normal eye makeup, simply take a cotton swab and start smudging it. Immediately, you’ve got that smokin’ look.


The sure-fast way to look more awake

nude eye pencil on the lower eyelid.

Staying with the topic of eye makeup, here’s one way to make it look like you’ve just blitzed through the night with twelve hours of sleep. In other words, if you want to appear more awake, it’s time to read on.

All it takes is a bit of nude eye pencil on the lower eyelid. That’s all. It will make you look wide-eyed and quite simply, alert.


Blow-dryers aren’t just great for hair…

blow dryer

We’re all about hacks in this guide and using a blow-dryer for something other than the hair can be an absolutely golden method.

We all know the frustrations of waiting for skin treatments to dry; whether this is moisturizer, self-tan or anything else along those lines. Instead of just sitting there twiddling your thumbs, instead turn to the blow-dryer and click the cool setting. Gently blow over the lotion – making it dry in seconds.


…Just like lipstick isn’t just for lips


On a similar note, don’t just assume that lipstick is just to be used for your lips. If you’re looking for a bit of a “different” appearance one day, one which might involve bringing more color to your face, try adding lipstick to either your cheeks or eyes. Just one swipe will suffice and with a bit of blending with your fingers, you immediately have that elusive color.


…And mascara is a perfect replacement for eyeliner


We said we’re all about hacks, didn’t we? This time it’s eyeliner that’s out, and mascara that’s in. Admittedly it’s never going to be a permanent substitute, but simply dabble some mascara onto your liner brush and apply as usual. The perfect hack.


There’s no shame in only washing half of your head

washing hair woman

A lot of women struggle with the front of their hair, which tends to get a lot greasier when compared to the back. Instead of taking the time to wash all of your hair, simply tackle the problem part. There’s absolutely no harm in just washing one section of your hair – what’s the point in spending time on the other when it’s not needed?


Got no time to use the curlers?

low braid

Curling might create a terrific effect for you, but it’s also something which takes an absolute age to master.

There are methods to get around this, though. Tying your hair loosely, in a low braid, before you hit the pillow is one of these. It means that when you do arise in the morning, you’ll be surrounded by flowing waves.


The highlighting and contouring method that a toddler could accomplish

highlighting and contouring

Ok, a toddler might be a stretch – but this is highlighting and contouring that won’t get any easier. You’ll start by simply drawing a number ’3′ with your concealer that’s two shades lighter than what you usually use. Shape the ’3′ so that it starts above your bro, continues around your cheekbone and rounds off above your jawline. That’s the highlighting over with.

For contouring, opt for a similar approach but two shades darker. This time, you’ll want to start on your temple, continuing to your cheekbone and rounding off under your jawline.

Then proceed to buff out the lines – your task is over.


Always keep that makeup removal next to your bed

makeup removal

And finally, let’s end with one of the simplest tips out there. We all know the perils of removing makeup; it’s a task that most of us just can’t be bothered to do as we crawl into our pajamas.

The problem is that it’s an absolutely essential task if you’re to stay on top of your beauty. It’s been found that sleeping with makeup on can cause umpteen breakouts and infections and in general, just do your skin no-end of harm.

Therefore, the solution is simple. Rather than traipsing off to the bathroom every night, keep a pot next to your bed. There are no excuses for shying away from the task now.

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